2nd hole sounds like a foghorn/dying goat

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Posted by Erik on May 18, 2001 at 02:39:38:

I have a little problem
It's the second hole on my diatonics.
They sound heavy and feel heavy. I have to use twice as much air if not more, and they sound funny kind of like they would be in a different key. It wasn't always like this, so I picked up another harmonica and tried it. Same thing. Now, since it sounded so strange(heavy and sort of metal-like vibrating at times) I figured the reeds or smthng hade gone bad after just a week(!) of playing. But since the second harmonica (first was C, second was G)sounded the same, if not worse I'm guessing it's not the harmonicas but me.
How is it that I have such problems with the 2nd hole?? anyone has any suggestions on special ways to play it, it's been like this for a few days now. No matter how i try and manipulate the sound, the draw won't sound good. Most of the blows sound pretty crappy too. The 2nd hole is my problem child.

Maybe I ranted too much there, but I think you got the general picture of my problem?

Thankful for all and any replies!

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