Re: Inexpensive amp & mic. setup.

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Posted by Ron on May 16, 2001 at 07:10:41:

In Reply to: Inexpensive amp & mic. setup. posted by fuzzy on May 15, 2001 at 18:24:48:

I bought a new mic (Astatic JT30 with volume control) for about $70 and this seems to work out pretty well for me. You can get one from one of the vendors on this site. Some people prefer vintage mics. Mics do have wide tonal differences and I have found some ancient "crappy" mics sound really hot with a harp.

I bought a 1965 Fender Champ Amp on ebay for $200 bucks (a steal as far as I am concerned). This is a tube amp with point to point wiring and it kicks some serious butt! The sound is amazing. This amp comes in a vibrato and non-vibrato version. I bought the non-vibrato version becuase you don't really need it with a harp. I think that is why I got a good deal (the amp is in mint condition). I think most guitarists want the vibrato if they are buying this amp. I was playing through a friend's modern solid state/printed circuit amp and it sounded really bright no matter what I did. I prefer an amp that is more mello.

My total cash outlay was about $300 if you include the mic cord and I am very happy with performance and sound. I just jam at this point, I dont play out.

Standard disclaimer: Good tone comes from the harpist, not the amp/mic combo. However, your amp and mic will impart their own tonal characteristics to your music so you might as well get something that "colors" your music in a way that you like.

Happy hunting.

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