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Posted by Webmaster- Harmonica on May 14, 2001 at 02:21:02:

It took a while, but it's finally here. We wanted to get some of the legal issues settled and understood before we jumped in.
The Tabs section is divided into two sections, "Melody Tabs" and "Solos/Riff Tabs". The "Melody Tabs" section contains over 60 songs and they are primarily simple recognizable melodies, mostly in 1st position and easy to play (Holiday songs, Folk songs, Kids song, and more). This is primarily for people just starting out. The other section is geared more towards intermediate and advanced players.

The "Solos/Riff Tabs" section includes famous riffs, bass lines, and harmonica solos from 'Rock/Pop', 'Blues', 'Country/Bluegrass', and more. Some of the riffs and solos already included are: "Miss You" riff, "Heart Of Gold" solos, "Love Me Do" riffs, "Low Rider" riff, "Middle of The Road" solo, "Room To Move" main harmonica part, "The Wizard" solos and more.

Please keep in mind that we will gladly accept suggestions for Tabs to be added, but there are literally thousands and thousands of songs with harmonica and we can't know them all (or afford to buy all the CDs). We will try to add Tabs of the most common requests.

We hope you find this useful,

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