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Posted by Michael on May 13, 2001 at 12:52:47:

I've been playing harmonica since 1996 and took some lessons for about 6 months (I've also been in a band now for 2.5 years and we are doing pretty well... we just opened for Koko Taylor a couple of nights ago). I was taught the "whistler" method which is associated with beginners. Problem is, that I've never changed. I've just discovered this site and I'm quite excited about it. But now I'm asking myself a question... am I cheating myself by not learning tounging? For me, it's like starting all over again and I'm wondering if I shouldn't worry about it and just keep going the way I am. I can warbble, bend well (including high note blow bends), and slide quite well. But I guess I have no tounge slaps and octaves. What might give me some confidence... (I'm so much in need self assurance)... is if any of you know some big names that fall under the "whistle" only catagory. Just looking for some opinions. I've also left a link to my own page on our band site if any of you are interested.

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