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Posted by Ron on May 08, 2001 at 06:11:38:

Hi Folks,

Here is a tip for practicing the second bend on the three draw.

I have "discovered" bluegrass and "country" music. Well, at least I have discovered how fun it is to harp to. I have been learning blues harpin for about a year and one skill that I wanted work on lately is the second bend on the 3 draw. This bend isn't used much in blues (at least that is my novice observation). However, the 3D second bend is used in bluegrass and country like the 3D first bend is used in blues (most of you probably already know this). When harpin to bluegrass and country not only do I get to get to play along with some fun music, I get to REALLY practice nailing that 3 draw second bend! Playing along with music gives me a musical reference to tell me when I am actually hitting the right pitch. I am not exactly nailing it yet but I'll keep practicing.


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