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Posted by Bluzharper on April 30, 2001 at 06:08:14:

In Reply to: Learning... posted by Matt on April 29, 2001 at 18:12:47:

Wow! Talk about a loaded question. Everyone might have a difference of opinion. From my own experience ask yourself these questions. No.1 What harps are my favorites. No.2 How long do they last with my style of playing. No.3 What can I afford to spend. IMHO you cant go wrong with Lee Oscars. As you are thinking of buying a set, you should consider using the link on this web site to one of the online retailers, why? You can save a lot of money. I have a full set of LOs yet I play special 20s also, the 20s are short lived, but I enjoy playing them. As far as buying in a set, ask the retailer what keys are available when placing your order. As far as who reads this? Harpoholics, Harmonicists, Harphacks, Blues Whores, Blues Junkies, Blues Wannabees and some very Cool People. I think I fit in all catagories but the last. Good Luck..

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