Little Confused

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Posted by Begginer Harmonica on April 27, 2001 at 18:18:06:

I ordered the Eb harmonica should be in my hand monday.

But im still somewhat confused

I was listenin to harmonica music from a cd i got that shows u the harmonica and what holes u blow or draw and on what note.

Now what happens is.

I think the 1 position puts u in the natural key in this case Eb, mostly blow notes.

And pos two, draw notes

But when i play music and i blow and draw, wont every blow note and draw note sound very far in pitcy from each other. so how does every not stay fluent in an octive. without one low one high, one low one high

I dont get it how do i know when im playin in pos 1, or 2. Since i alternate on blow and draw noted when im readin the music. meaning i play g and thats a draw and i play a and that a blow . What constitutes pos 1 or 2.

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