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Posted by Marc on April 24, 2001 at 22:32:35:

In Reply to: I need of info posted by Begginer Harmonica on April 24, 2001 at 19:24:54:

: The last post i maid was very helpful to me,

: If i were to purchase a Bb harmonica it would be of lower pitch right. But when i want to play my sax music i will have to transpose it to eaiter
: i guess Bb or F.(1st pos or 2nd Pos) right.

: What harmonica do u recommend for a guy who plays the sax and is in a band with two rock guitars and primarily Bb instruments.

: I intend to play Blues but i need a somewhat low pitch.

You will need several harmonicas. Most standard rock tunes are in easy keys for the guitar. These are usually sharp keys, like G, D, A, and E. This makes life a little more difficult for us sax players, but the guitar players run the show.

If you want to play cross harp (second position), which is standard for blues, you would need a D harmonica to play in A, and an A harmonica to play in D, etc. See the chart at the bottom of the the "General Overview" page on this site for other keys.

Unfortunately, you will need a different harmonica for each key.

Fortunately, most rock tunes are only in a few keys, so you don't necessarily need to buy all 12 keys.

Unfortunately, you will need to learn to play the sax in some ugly guitar keys. When the guitar is playing in E, you are playing your Bb sax in F# (six sharps). Good Luck!!!

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