calling all chromatic blues fans!

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Posted by domino on April 14, 2001 at 16:04:50:

I'd like to put out an ABP for any reports of hot chromatic blues players. I'm way out of the loop, but figure they must exist. I'm not talkin' about hacks who hang out in the 2nd position & treat the button as though it were the trigger to a MIRVed warhead trained on an orphanage. Sure as hell, Toots kicks ass on (I think it's called) C-Jam Blues, I but I'd like to add some other stuff to my library. I play & love diatonic, but please save any posts re guys who play chromatic like a diatonic except that they wind up playing dissonant notes as chords tones 'cause they're just to GD lazy to relearn the thing. Lookin' for honest responses / leads & no offense...


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