Do I really need to take this thing apart? Hohner 270/48

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Posted by fprintf on April 10, 2001 at 09:55:30:

I have a Hohner Chromatic 270/48 and I am new to the Harmonica scene. I was a little disconcerted to hear that there is very little warranty work done on Harmonicas, and that many are considered throwaway items (after having spent $60 on a Harmonica, that is not too good).

I am having problems on my 4 hole blow - it seems like it "clicks and sticks" sometimes. That is, occasionally I go to blow in hole 4 and I have to blow harder than the other holes for any sound to come out - and then something clicks and I get sound. Sticking valve? The Harmonica is about 6 months old, and has barely been played since I got my Lee Oskar Major Diatonic (a few days after my Chromatic purchase). So far I have only used very light pressure when playing the harmonica, so I doubt that I have damaged the reeds.

Would this be considered a warranty item in your opinions? How long is the warranty period? I have heard that Hohner is particularly problematic about accepting responsibility for warranty claims on their harmonicas.


p.s. I bought all the instruments from F.R. Farrell. Very inexpensive, great delivery - I am happy I used them.

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