Re: Affordable Harps--Huang Sivertone

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Posted by Sweet Texas Jimmy on April 06, 2001 at 18:52:55:

In Reply to: Re: Affordable Harps posted by Bluzharper on March 28, 2001 at 09:19:06:

If you want a cheap. good harp try a Huang Silvertone. They have a nice tone and will last a lot longet than most Hohners. I have a G that I have been playing on heavily for 5 years. I paid $5 for it and it is still perfectly in tune. I especially like them for the low keys--g through bflat, because they have very thin reedplates and I find I get a very rich tone.

I also dont mind the Hohner Big Rivers, at about $12-15 a pop. The only problem is that they go out of tune too easily.

Sometimes I play a little cheap old Chinese C-Harp that come in some "Learn to play" packet for kids. I got in their and tweaked the reeds, flapping the ends up so they respond nicely, and it sounds great.

It goes to show you, it aint the violin, its the violinist. The harps, amps, mics and all that crap can only do so much, the rest has to come from the soul.

"Sweet Texas" Jimmy

I also don't mind

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