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Posted by Stan Besaw on April 04, 2001 at 19:11:13:

In Reply to: Leaky Air Syndrome posted by Harmonicraphead on April 04, 2001 at 14:34:47:

I've never played a Bushman so I don't know how "leaky" they are on the average. Assuming that it's not the harmonica, but you, you need to get the harmonica further in your mouth (but still with single notes clean). The inside, wet, portion of your lips should be on the harmonica and not the outside (kissing portion). Look at the single notes portion of this site.

Good luck,

: I started playing about a month ago but haven't been able to put the Bushman I bought down. I'm progressing fine in most areas as far as I can tell but I still get this air noise when I start to play too long or hard. I'm sure part of it is I still need to build up muscle in my mouth for puckering, but does anyone know how else I can change this?
: It's especially bad on bends, which don't come out with the same crisp-ness as other notes. Will this change in time or do they just not sound as good naturally?
: Thanks

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