Got the bends!

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Posted by John on April 02, 2001 at 09:34:01:

Yeah! I finally hit the 4draw bend note. Wow, never thought that would happen. Got a lot of great advice from this web site and the folks who visit here. Did also get some good info from a book I just picked up from Mel Bay publishing. Called Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp (I think). Has a great diagram/cross section of the mouth and the positioning of the tongue, mouth and harp. Really brought it home for me. Also, they suggest that you always keep the harp at an angle for a cleaner and easier way of hitting single notes. Interesting. Any of you beginners looking for a good book, check that one out. Also, when I told my wife this whole thing about bending notes has a lot to do with my tongue, she told me PRACTICE, NOW! Gee, what could she have meant by that? ;-)

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