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Posted by Bill Phelb on March 28, 2001 at 13:47:32:

In Reply to: Affordable Harps posted by Michael Joy on March 28, 2001 at 07:13:00:

I've played the Jambones also and found them overall to be not bad for the price but not a quality harmonca at all. Maybe you got lucky and got a good one, but that's not been my experience. The LO's and Specials are still the best in terms of quality and durability. I don't recommend these harps to anyone at any price especially biginners. I've gone through and bought 150 to 200 harps over the last 15 years playing and teaching semi-professionally and I still say you get what you pay for- just try to get a good price.

Love live the blues,

: In the latest e mail newsletter you express the need for beginners to learn on a quality harp no cheaper that $15. I want to tell you that there is a harp available that is cost effective and very playable.

: I originally started playing Hohner Special 20s. I was trying to build a set by purchasing a couple of harps at a time. They were about $17 each through the Mars Music website. I was well on my way then I had several of them blow reeds in the course of about 10 days. I was considering giving it up because I couldn't afford to keep replacing them. I then ordered the Lee Oscar harmonica repair kit which also did not yeild the expected results.

: I knew there had to be a solution and turned to the message board on your site. There was an endorsement of a harp called a Jambone available from at $4.50. I was amazed when I started to play it. In contrast to the bite and growl that you get from a Hohner you get a very smooth even tone from a Jambone. It seems tro be easier to get a more subtle, quieter response. I had a couple in my pocket the other night when I went to see the Nighthawks' Mark Wenner and his new blues trio. I told him about my discovery and he tooted on one and was also amazed at the sound vs. price. That was enough for me. I'm sold. The reeds also seem to be a bit more durable than Hohner's. I'm guessing that the reeds are a bit thicker and more resilient.

: To your newsletter subscribers, get a Jambone and you'll still be able to pay rent and groceries. To Harmonica be careful when making claims like that, you may be eating your words.

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