Civil War Harmonicas

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Posted by Jerry Pommerenke on March 22, 2001 at 18:19:24:

I'm a Civil War reenactor and there is currently a discussion going on their forum regarding popularity of Harmonicas with the Civil War soldier. One opinion is that Hohner did not bring them into the USA until 1862, thus they could not have been in widespread use before the end of the war (1865. Another opinion is based on the numbers of relics dug by metal detectors which include many harmonica reeds (check ebay auctions) that they seemed to be almost government issue. Antone have more info on quantities of Harmonicas that might have been in the USA 1861-1865? Also what did these harmonicas look like? From the recovered reeds, it looks like they could have been similar to the Marine Band 10 hole.

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