Lee Oscar Maintenance

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Posted by Bluzharper on March 19, 2001 at 05:21:09:

One of the Lee Oscars Ive changed reed plates on became somewhat hard to play. I first ran warm water thru the harp and gently tapped it into the palm of my hand to remove the water, thus cleaning it. I removed the cover plates and noticed some of the reed gaps were out of adjustment. I take one hole at a time and using a tooth pick or a very small metal tool press on the reed about in the middle to set the gap to where it plays easily. I hold the cover plates in place and blow and draw each hole and see how it plays. When I get the feel I want I move to the next reed. I first tried this on an old cheap harp to get use to how much pressure it would take to change a reed setting. I set the reed on the old harp to both extremes to feel what it would be like to have too big a gap and then too little a gap and then just right. After all the reeds are set bolt the cover plates back on and youre in business. For the record I have very little if any trouble with Lee Oscars, they are excellent harps. Good Luck..Darol

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