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Posted by Randy on March 05, 2001 at 13:40:22:

In Reply to: playing the blues!! posted by tom bylund on March 03, 2001 at 12:53:59:

I agree with what the other posters said. Most blues is done on a 10-hole diatonic and is much easier in my opinion. There are some great songs done on chromatic, however.

If you already know some tunes on chromatic keep up the practicing. Get a 10-hole also but DON'T give up the chromatic. Just because the masters played 10-hole doesn't mean you have to. You can some WICKED, heart breakin' sounds out of a chromatic and some great reditions of standard 10-hole songs on a chromatic.

: Hello...
: I have just started to learn how to play the Harmonica, and have been using the Hohner Chrometta 8 in C harmonica which maybe is not the best one to start out on, because I have absolutely no clue how to make the thing work!! I also can now play basic harmonica songs like O' Susanna, and Mary had a little lamb... I really however want to learn to play the Blues!! Is there much difference in the way air is moved through the instrument between what I have been playing, and the Blues?? someone please clue me in!
: Thanks,
: T. Bylund

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