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Posted by HoodooBlue on February 23, 2001 at 19:39:49:

Of the three harp I own, two are crappy but awfully fun to play with (Hohner Blues Harps, one in B one in A that's soaked, bent beyond repair, missing nails but sounds... otherworldly, raw and in cross harp like a kazoo from hell). The other is a brand new Lee Oskar in C.

Funny thing about all of them, and something I haven't yet seen on this site (I'm new to the message board, didn't see this addressed, maybe I'm Blind (thought that's often a benefit in playing the blues)), all three harps have nearly no real tone when drawing on 2. Inhale gently and you might occasionally get a something approximating a reverse wheeze (on the Lee Oskar it's a tone, but kinda rings and wheezes at the same time). A strong draw gets you nowhere fast. Just a reedy, wheezy nothing.

NOW! The Question: Do most harps, regardless of brand, make, model, etc., have a problem when drawing/inhaling on 2?

Thanks in advance for any answers. I'm glad I found this site.

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