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Posted by NattyBoy on February 18, 2001 at 23:28:17:

In Reply to: hands posted by GBrading on February 17, 2001 at 17:44:48:

: i've been practicing alot, but what I'm having the most trouble with are my hands. I've tried the different positions on this site, as well as others from the two different books, but seeing as I have big hands, I'm having troubled getting the desired effect. Nothing seems comfortable. Can anyone help? Thanks, much appreciated.

Question: what's the desired effect you are after? and have you heard it played by someone else?

I ask because Jerry Portnoy [who played harp with Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and Pinetop Perkins amongst other greats] teaches in his Blues Harmonica Masterclass book and 3 cd set that when bending notes it's important to mentally hear the desired note in one's mind FIRST. I believe this wisdom is practically applicable for almost every if not all effects of harp playing.

Hear the desired effect, note, or sound in your mind [ie. mentally create it] before you play it [ie. physically create it].

The same wisdom can apply to hand effects. Know what sound you want to create first before playing it. With practice you will physically create what you mentally create, and with big hands or small hands...well maybe it'll take a little extra practice. You'll create your own style. But I believe at the end of your effort it's the sound and effects the matter most.Know what sound you want to create first. With harp playing there are often different ways of getting the same sound/effect. You'll get it! And hey you just might have a new way of doing it. Keep on harpin'.

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