His advice may save you the blues!

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Posted by NattyBoy on February 14, 2001 at 23:19:12:

In Reply to: Some Good Advice? posted by Bluzharper on February 12, 2001 at 16:57:23:

: Lately Ive been beat up somewhat by the mail order guys. I order something, to find later, that its been back ordered, and oh yes and my charge card has already been billed, a practice thats illegal in this state. I know they have the technology to know what they have in stock and what must be back ordered. My advice to anyone ordering something they really need, is to ask up front is it in stock? Also when can I expect delivery? I have NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM WITH COAST2COASTMUSIC OR WITH KEVINS HARPS so Iam not speaking of them. If your not in a hurry for something no problem, but if you need it ASAP look out. Your charge card co. will take care of these matters if it happens, so let them know. Good Luck, Im still searching for that elusive Low F harp I ordered.......

EXCELLENT ADVICE...I agree that when ordering something off the internet or at all for that matter, it's a good thing to ask if the product is in stock now! Thank-you for the comments bout Kevin's Harps because I am in the process of ordering a book/cd from him and as well I've thought on occassion to order from Coast to Coast too!

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