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Posted by randy on February 07, 2001 at 05:54:49:

In Reply to: 2 draw and bend posted by john on February 06, 2001 at 21:36:24:

could be the harp but sounds like it's clogged. We all have a different mouthes as well. Could be the make up of your mouth. For whatever reason, I had an incredibly hard time getting the bend on 4 draw on a C harp. In fact, I could get three bends on the 3 hole and both bends on 2 hole and STILL couldn't get that 4 hole. I started on an A harp. That might have contributed to the trouble. Had a hard time on that 4 hole too but not like the C harp. To me A is the easiest. Next is G. The higher the harp key, the harder draw bends are for me.
Some harps bend easier as well. Marine Bands fine but they're little and that metal edge that rips at my lips is a big aversion. Blues Harps bend really easily and I think they have a good sound. They don't seem to last long, though I haven't seen this. I like Special 20s and Lee Oskars. Pro Harps are good but, I think, very "tight" and a little tough to break in. Also, mine is an F harp, so I have trouble with it anyway. Sorry for the tangent. Sounds like the hole clogged.

: i don't have a problem drawing on any other hole and i can even bend the four hole pretty well. but for some reason i can't get hardly any sound on the 2 draw let alone even attempt a bend. help! please?

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