Cleaning rust off a Bushman

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Posted by GBrading on February 03, 2001 at 11:28:00:

Regarding the earlier postings about Bushmans being prone to rust, I have also noticed this. I just started playing, and I love my Soul's Voice, I love the way it sounds and feels, but I have rust on the inside of my cover plates. I took it apart and wiped it off, but that's as far as my cleaning got. I wasn't sure what to use to get the rust off the plates without using a harsh and rather funky tasting metal polish. If anyone has a recmmendation, it would be greatly appreciated from a beginner who just loves to play. Also, I was wondering which harps out there didn't have a rusting problem. Oh yeah, I'm new to this so here is another question. I was going to get another harp in a lower key, but I am not sure of the progession of keys, lower to higher. If anyone could help with any of these questions, it would be great.

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