Re: i got some equiment,,can someone help me out

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Posted by Bluzharper on February 01, 2001 at 12:23:24:

In Reply to: i got some equiment,,can someone help me out posted by harmster on January 31, 2001 at 17:30:39:

Dont buy any more tuners. You could use the two speed tape to slow down the faster stuff, Sugar Blue and Popper. If learning to play is your objective I think your on the wrong track. Whats going to help you is listening to the type of music your interested in playing, getting a conceptual idea in your head of whats happening in that music. The changes, use of bends, overblows, octaves, and the flow of the music. Knowing where the vocals come in, knowing where the solos are, knowing who is soloing when, and most of all knowing when not to play, like when a vocalist is singing, when another musician is playing his or her solo. Make a blue print of the music in your mind. Then when someone calls a shuffle in A, or a march in G, or a slow blues in F, youre ready. Theres tons of music already tabbed just waiting for you. Learn to play by ear and feel and youll be lightyears ahead. I went thru a phase where I thought this gadget or that, would make me a better player, we all do, bottom line, playing is the only thing that makes you a better player. Go to jams, and sit in every chance you get, every train wreck on stage has taught me more than any book. Try to play with musicians better than you, steal everything you can, go listen to other players learn from what they do right and especially from what they do wrong. Play that harp every chance you get, make it your passion. I would sit in with everyone who would let me on stage, country bands, rock, blues. Get together with other musicians and just jam. The worst harp player I met taught me a lot, he told me how he could really wail when he drank, I watched this guy in action, playing nonstop thru an entire song and sounding like crap the hole time. They never let him up again after that. I hope theres some wisdom in this somewhere, Good Luck to you and remember most of the Blues Harp Greats never read music and didnt have tab. What they did have was the desire.

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