Re: any killer book ideas?

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Posted by NattyBoy on January 31, 2001 at 23:26:04:

In Reply to: any killer book ideas? posted by harmster on January 30, 2001 at 13:08:01:

: whats happenin,,,,,my question is for anyone that might know a good book(for harmonica) that i could pick up at say a tower or like a barnes 'n noble store,,,,,,reason bein cause i dont have a credit card (im still in school,, so i really cant afford things i dont have cash for),,,,,and the only stores music stores around are pretty rank for harmonica equiment,,,,,,im a beginner but would like to advance,,,,"good" books, to me, would be anythin from stright blowin,,,to somethin that could introduce me to the blues,,,,thanks

HEY...I've found Jam Trax for Harmonica by Ralph Agresta to be excellent. It's a book and cd deal. His full band and him play about 12 songs that you can jam to. From Chicago Blues to Country to Rock to Standard Blues. The harmonica keys you'll need are A, C, D, & F. I highly recomend it and play it once a day and have been since buying it in 1999. He has put out other book/ cds for bass, guitar etc. Won't teach you to play but will provide jam sessions for you to teach yourself and improve from.

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