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Posted by Sean on January 23, 2001 at 21:47:57:

In Reply to: What Amp toBuy ? posted by Bluzharper on January 23, 2001 at 19:58:13:

: I would like to make a suggestion, before you lay down $300 to $400 for a new Amp, IMHO one of the best deals on the market today are the older Silver Faced Fender Champs. These can usually be had for under $200 and the value of these is starting to go up. The Champ is a Class A tube amp with a 8" speaker and they sound great. No circut boards. They are very reliable, easy to work on, and if you must you can drop the F word " Fender " when people ask you what kind of amp you blow thru. The Champ has three knobs Vol. Bass. Treb. very simple. The older Black Faced version Champs have really gone up in price. You can mic this amp into a PA and youre all set. The Champ I own sounds good with every mic I have. I use the Dan-Echo mini pedal the Milkshake Chorus at $29 for a little slap back. A really good rig for a low price....

I read this after I posted my last response and have since tested an Epiphone Electra, 1x10" 40W around $200 US. I am in Australia and it is $419 retail aussie dollar. Awesome sound through the shaker dynamic I just bought.

Do you know of this amp, if so, is it comparable to either of the 3 Fenders you have mentioned?

It is really difficult to find one of these Fenders to try out and they are 4 times as expensive as this Epi.



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