Re: Hot Tips For A Good Mic?

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Posted by Bluzharper on January 22, 2001 at 20:25:25:

In Reply to: Hot Tips For A Good Mic? posted by Harpaholic on January 22, 2001 at 18:42:15:

The two Mics that sort of set the standard if there is one, are the Green Bullet and the JT 30. The Hohner Blues Blaster is basically a JT 30. The differences, The size, the GB is larger and tends to sound Dirtier. If you are serious about playing and want to make an investment, not just buy a mic I recommend the Crystal Ball from Kevins Harps. This is the best mic I own and I love it. I have a GB a JT 30 a Shure 545 switched a 57 and a 58 and a Unisphere 585, this is the mic that Mr. Musselwhite uses, what more can I say. If you plan on playing thru a PA I would suggest a Shure 58 or 57. If you have a good sound man a PA makes harp playing hassel free. No amp to lug around. Remember playing amplified is like a bra, its all about the cup size. The bigger the cup the better. It really changes the sound. If youre getting started I would look for a bullet with a volume knob. Nothing turns a crowd off like feedback. That volume knob can save you a lot of embarassment, trust me... These are my opinions on the Mics I own. There are some other very good mics, Check out the Ruskin, Ive met players who swear by them. Also the Shaker and the Harmonica Honker. I have no experiance with these so I cant say..The elements make a difference also, do some research, check out the JT30 page... I hope this post is helpful....Good Luck..... Bluz aka Darol

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