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Posted by yulek on January 12, 2001 at 03:07:31:

I was given a somewhat unusual harmonica for christmas this year, it's a 32 hole (16 over 16 on each side) C/G Opera Superior. I know absolutely nothing about harmonicas except what I just read on this site (although I've already learned a ton of songs on this one) so I have some questions:

1. Is this a chromatic harmonica? It doesn't have a switch and the scale pattern seems strange. It's a C harmonica on one side, flip it over and now it's a G.

Both the C and G scales look like this (note[hole-B for breath or D for draw):
C [8-B]
D [8-D]
E [9-B]
F [9-D]
G [10-B]
A [10-D]
B [13-D] <- not a typo!
C [12-B]
at least i think what that looks like, it's hard to isolate those tiny tiny holes.

2. Bends seem really difficult on this harmonica, but they *are* possible. Warbles work too. But I can't play the standard blues scales, there's a note missing... Are the web resources such as this for non-diatonic harmonicas?

3. More information on this brand would be wonderful: The stainless steel cover says:

made in germany

There are four holed grips two on each side of the sign on both the bottom and top. As mentioned earlier, each side has two holes one for Breath the other for Draw but while using one side you're in the key of C the other is the key of G.

Thanks (if possible, please send email, I might not find this board again:

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