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Posted by Attila Lengyel on January 11, 2001 at 07:19:44:

Hi there

I'm a blues harp player and I need some help and advice. I'm Hungarian. I live in Budapest and I play in a band here. I'm said to be and I think I am a very
good harp player. I've been playing for five years now,and I've learned from the best players of my country. Unfortunatelly in Hungary there are few good bands that need harmonica however good the player might be. I'm looking for opportunities to play abroad as a full time musician. I also would like to know
how to put some sound clips or extracts on the net so that people interested will really believe that I'm what I claim to be: A very good player. My favourite player is Mark Ford and I can play many of his solos. Also, I love to play to funky,raggae,latin, folk. I'm open to everithng that is exciting and good. I srongly feel that I must get a chance to play in a good band and show myself to the world. If you happen to have some ideas mail me at the following
E-mail address: nyihaha@hotmail.com

Thanks a lot


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