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Posted by Tone Deaf on January 10, 2001 at 14:44:10:

If your interested in learning to play Amplified checkout Musicyo.com and look for their Mini Amp. It cost $19 and you can plug a Hohner Blues Blaster or JT30 right into it and will take a shure 57 or 58 with an adapter.The amp even has an overdrive channel. It works off a 9 volt Battery or you can use an adapter for 110 volt. This is a great learning tool at a great price. You can get use to playing holding a mic and the amp sounds really dirty Chicago style without blowing out your ear drums..This is the same amp that sells in music stores under the Epiphone name for $40. You wont be sorry you picked up one of these.Great for practice and if things get really bad you can become a street musician. The amp sounds awesome. Good Luck

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