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May-19-04, 07:29 AM (PST)
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"breathing exercises"
Hi everyone,
First i want to say this is one great site for learning to play the harmonica, it is not hands on but is next to it. I have been
learning to play for about 8 months,and do fairly well with single
notes,all of my bends (still a little trouble with 3 bend ) and
hand effects. I have tried to spend most of my time starting out
to learn the techniques first. Anyway my question is will it help
your breathing, by drawing and blowing single notes or chords for as
long as you can? It is something easy to do while driving, but did
not know if this would really help. I seem to have trouble when playing a song with a long draw note or alot of draw notes at one time. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks Jon

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Member since Jan-20-03
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May-20-04, 01:28 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: breathing exercises"
In response to message #0

Nice to have you aboard.

First off, anything you do to practice and play the harmonica is helpful and a good thing. The caveat to this is that you want to be careful not to practice the wrong things and get into bad habits. I think overall, driving is one of the worst places to work on breathing simply because you are sitting and not standing up (at least I hope you don't drive standing). Ideally, you want to be doing "stomach breathing" and it's hard to learn correctly in a sitting position. Once you have breathing down pat, sitting or standing won't make as much of a difference.

Also, when you work on breathing, try to relax your face and shoulders, put the harmonica deep in your mouth so that you can hold it with your teeth, and breathe big chords from as low in your body as you can. Holding the harmonica with your teeth forces you to breathe and NOT just suck and blow the air from the front of your mouth.

It sounds like you are doing a lot of right things to get good. Doing the above chord drill will also help with your breathing stamina which should make playing those long held notes a bit easier. Harmonica is of course very aerobic and much of what you are experiencing now will fix itself over the next few months just by playing more and more.

Play on,

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