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Subject: "Bending with the tongue method" Archived thread - Read only
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Apr-20-05, 01:15 PM (PST)
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"Bending with the tongue method"
   Ive been playing harmonica for about 5 months and its been all wistle, now im trying to do some of the tongue method, im getting decent single notes, however, when it comes to bending im a mess, does anybody have any tips?

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Apr-27-05, 12:07 PM (PST)
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1. "RE: Bending with the tongue method"
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-05 AT 12:08 PM (PST)
It's much, much harder to bend correctly and deeply with any method other than the Whistle Method. It is certainly possible with the Tongue-Blocking Method, but much harder.

I Tongue-Block and bend all the time when I use my Tongue-Switching technique. But, whenever possible, I use the Whistle Method for bending and go back and forth between the two single note methods to accomplish the sounds I want. I think Jerry Portnoy also does and recommends this.

I don't see any big advantages for the average person to be able to bend while Tongue-Blocking. More practice will allow you to do so, but I don't think there is much point to it. I'd spend my time elsewhere.

Play on,
Dave Gage

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