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Subject: "Bending hole two..." Archived thread - Read only
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Oct-04-05, 04:28 AM (PDT)
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"Bending hole two..."
   Hey guys...
I know it is a beginners problem bending hole one and two. But as I startet one Month ago I was learning with a book wirtten by Martin Rost. As I am playing Piano since 14 years I had no major problems. Also it realy starts sounding like blues. But my problem is hole two. I can bend it very good when I use two fingers and keep my nose close by pressing with the fingers on the left and right of the nose, so tht no air can come trough. It sounds wonderful. But I would like to bend without that liitletrick, because it doesnt fit with the hand holding technik everybody describes. With that technik, there is no possibility to have two fingers free to keep the nose shut.

Anybody got a good Idea?
Thx for help.

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Oct-24-05, 11:24 AM (PDT)
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1. "RE: Bending hole two..."
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Play on,
Dave Gage

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